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Fellows of the ISHR
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A primary mission of the International Society for Heart Research is to promote research that advances our understanding of cardiovascular disease and helps to develop new therapeutic strategies. In line with this, the ISHR has recently established a Fellowship status as a means of recognizing those members who have distinguished themselves for outstanding contributions to cardiovascular research. A total of 82 Founding Fellows of the ISHR were selected by a Credentials Committee chaired by Dr. Howard Morgan. ISHR members were nominated either by the Council of the ISHR or by one of its Sections or by the Editorial Board of the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, and their credentials were reviewed by the members of the Committee. To ensure that only the highest caliber scientists would be bestowed this distinction, the number of Founding Fellows waslimited to a small fraction of our membership of thousands, using stringent selection criteria.

Fellows were selected solely on the basis of scientific excellence, as evidenced by an established track record of publications in high-impact journals. The main criterion in assigning Fellowship status was the performance of independent research that has made a major contribution to advancing our understanding of cardiovascular biology and medicine. Political considerations or service contributions to the ISHR were not a factor in the selection.

The Founding Fellows were introduced at the XVIIth World Congress of the ISHR in Winnipeg in July 2001. Additional Fellows are appointed every three years as determined by the Selection Committee, and introduced at future World Congresses. The eventual total number of Fellows will not exceed 10% of the membership of the Society. Fellows pay $45 annual dues (or $120/3 years) in addition to their Section membership dues. Fellows are entitled to add "FISHR" to their degrees and distinctions, and receive free registration at the ISHR World Congresses. The names of new Fellows will be published in the Society newsletter, Heart News and Views, and a Fellowship Certificate will be provided to each new Fellow.

The establishment of a Fellowship underscores the commitment of the ISHR to recognize and foster excellence in research. The Society looks to its Fellows for leadership and guidance in its various activities, particularly organization of conferences, selection of awardees, and dissemination of knowledge. We are proud of the contributions that our Founding Fellows have made to cardiovascular biology and medicine and look forward to working with them towards our goal of promoting the scientific mission of the ISHR.

(click here for detailed Guidelines for nomination/selection of FISHRs) 

ISHR Fellows

Current Fellows:

   Emeritus Fellows:

Mark Anderson (10)

Zoltan Arany (19)

Hossein Ardehali (19)

Metin Avkiran (04)

Donald Bers (01)

Burns Blaxall (19)

Roberto Bolli (01)

Joan Heller Brown (04)

Maximilian Buja (01)

Mark Cannell (16)

Lucy Carrier (13)

Heping Cheng (19)

Michael Davis (19)

Lea Delbridge (19)

Fabio Di Lisa (07)

Dobromir Dobrev (19)

Gerald Dorn (13

David A. Eisner (01)

Thomas Eschenhagen (10)

Peter Ferdinandy (19)

Loren J. Field (01)

Rodolphe Fischmeister (13) 

Keiichi Fukuda (10)

Joshua Goldhaber (19)

Ana Maria Gomez (19)

Roberta Gottlieb (10)

Henk Granzier (10)

Asa Gustafsson (16)

Roger Hajjar (13)

Sian Harding (10)

Gerd Hasenfuss (04)

Derek Hausenloy (19)

Gerd Heusch (01)

Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner (13) 

Joseph Hill (10)

Emilio Hirsch (16)

Livia Hool (19)

Masatsugu Hori (07)

Steven Houser (10)

Yu Huang (19)

Masaki Ieda (19)

David Kass (16)

Daniel P. Kelly (10)

Lorrie Kirshenbaum (10)

Raj Kishore (19)

Richard Kitsis (07)

Walter Koch (10)

Issei Komuro (10)

Evangelia Kranias (01)

W. Jonathan Lederer (01) 

Leslie Leinwand (01) 

E. Douglas Lewandowski (13)

Wolfgang Linke (16)

Barry London (13)

Gary Lopaschuk (07)  

Joseph Loscalzo (07)

Eduardo Marbán (01)

Alicia Mattiazzi (13) 

Manuel Mayr (16)

Julie McMullen (19)

Tetsuji Miura (16)

Daria Mochly-Rosen (01)

Jeffery Molkentin (07)

Richard L. Moss (01)

Toyoaki Murohara (16)

Elizabeth Murphy (07)

Charles Murry (13)

Brian O'Rourke (13) 

Bohuslav Ostadal (04)

Kinya Otsu (16)

Cam Patterson (10)

Grant Pierce (04)

Burkert Pieske (07)

Peipei Ping (10)

Ursula Ravens (16)

Jeffrey Robbins (01) 
Howard Rockman (10)

Junichi Sadoshima (07)

Yoshihiko Saito (13)

Allen M. Samarel (04)

Michael D. Schneider (01)

Rainer Schulz (13)

Christine Seidman (01) 

Ajay Shah (10)

Paul Simpson (01)

Karin Sipido (10)

R. John Solaro (01)

Charles Steenbergen (10)

Susan Steinberg (10)

Mark Sussman (13)

Heinrich Taegtmeyer (13)

Yasachika Takeishi (19)

Rong Tian (16)

Jamie Vandenberg (19)

Jolanda van der Velden (16)

Jennifer Van Eyk (10)

Martin Vila-Petroff (19)

Xuejun Wang (19(

Yibin Wang (16)

Xander Weherens (16)

Rui-ping Xiao (19)

Huangtian Yang (19)

Derek M Yellon (01)

Bin Zhou (19)

Yi Zhu (19)

David G. Allen (10)

Dirk Brutsaert (04)

Edward Carmeliet (01)

Naranjan S. Dhalla (01)

James M. Downey (01)  

Masao Endoh (01)

Thomas Force (13)

Harry A. Fozzard (01)

Colin Gibbs (01)  

Garrett J. Gross (01)  

Keitaro Hashimoto (04)

David J. Hearse (01)

Masayasu Hiraoka (04)

Joanne S. Ingwall (01)

Michiel J. Janse (01)

Robert B. Jennings (01)

Francis J. Klocke (01)

Edward G. Lakatta (01)

Glenn A. Langer (01)

Robert Lefkowitz (01)

Benedict Lucchesi (01)

David H. MacLennan (01)

Antoon F.M. Moorman (01)

Martin Morad (01)

Ryozo Nagai (04)

Makoto Nagano (01)

Denis Noble (01)

Takayuki Ozawa (04)

James R. Parratt (01)

George K. Radda (01) 

Michael R. Rosen (01)           

Jutta Schaper (01)

Wolfgang Schaper (01)

Hasso Scholz(01)

Arnold Schwartz (04)

Hiroyuki Suga (01)

Peter H. Sugden (01)

Nobuakira Takeda (04)

Paul Vanhoutte (04)

Dorothy E. Vatner (01)

Stephen F. Vatner (01)

Richard A. Walsh (01)

James T. Willerson (01)

Saul Winegrad (01)

Yoshio Yazaki (01)

Heinz-Gerd Zimmer (01)




Norman Alpert (01)

Richard J. Bing (01)

Britton Chance (01)

Horacio Cingolani (16)

Arnold M. Katz (01)

Howard Morgan (01)

Lionel H Opie (01)

Shunzo Onishi (01)

Philip A. Poole-Wilson (01)

Keith Reimer (01)

Ketty Schwartz (01)

Edmund H. Sonnenblick(01)

Laszlo Szekeres (01)

Michihiko Tada (01)

The year in which fellowship was conferred appears in parentheses







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